Absolute Event Services welcome the opportunity to discuss your event requirements. Below are some forms that assist us determine your needs. It is always our intention to present the best and most appropriate event services for your event. The information requested is the minimum we require to make this possible.

We will promptly review your message and contact you via email or phone at your request.


General Enquiries

Absolute Event Services welcomes comments and feedback. Our expertise lies in events and event production, entertainment, festivals and corporate events. You might see something on our website that would make it a better place to visit, please drop us a note, we’d love to hear your thoughts. This is also the form for any other general query.


Event Enquiries

Absolute Event Services are here to assist with your events. We will answer any questions you might have but please try to give us as much detail as possible in advance so we can respond with accurate and relevant information.

Those preferring a call back please note this in the message section of the form.


Talent/Event Staff and Crew Enquires

Event service suppliers, staging suppliers, sound suppliers, lighting suppliers, special effects teams, event marquee suppliers, event entertainers, artists, PR agents and consultants in all fields related to events please submit the information requested. If you have further details and would like to submit them please forward your information to info (at) absolute.ie. Please ensure it is of a high standard and not a home movie or recording.


If you are enquiring about a career or work opportunity, please check back regularly. We currently have no positions availabe but this changes frequently.

Based on an overwhelming number of event suppliers and team members contacting us, we will only respond should we feel we can work together. We recommend that it is in your best interest to send your most impressive material.

All information will be kept on file. Thank you for your inquiry, we wish you continued success.


Celebrity Booking Request Form

Before you even open this form, please be aware that we require a lot of confirmed details before discussing further with well known artists and presenters. They are extremely busy and without details they will not respond favourably to a request. They want real information about real events and not a notion that it would be great to have Lady GaGa perform at your party. Yes I’m sure she will consider it if everything is in place and budget allows but they don’t accept fairytale event requests.


The information requested, for the above reasons, is extremely detailed. It is essential we have as much information as possible before approaching artists with offers. Depending on how big the artist you require is, they will not send a fee but will accept a reasonable offer should their schedule allow.

Detailed information will also help guarantee the success of your offer.


Wedding Enquiries

Occasionally, Absolute Event Services cater for high-end weddings. Our wedding co-ordinator will meet and discuss all of your requirements and ensure you get the best out of your day. Our co-ordinators have organised some of the biggest and most publicisied wedding to date and will continue to do so. If you want attention to detail then you need to discuss with us.