Animals for events helps to create the theme or enhance the evening.


Some are entertaining but most are not however they may be difficult to find if it is a particular animal you need. It is through our experience and years of working in the event industry that we have built up a database of contacts for event animals, even the oddest of event animals.

Are you hoping to have the cat from Love Hate or the pigs from Vikings, maybe some of the birds from Penny Dreadful or a selection of animals that featured in series like Game of Thrones. We can supply all of these and more.

Doves, Reindeer or a Parrott. What event animals do you need?


If you’d like Doves to be a feature or maybe you want reindeer for a Christmas party. All animals are accessible and our suppliers have had animals featured in almost all event and TV productions created in Ireland. If an animal featured then it was most likely one of ours.


Note, we do not keep these animals or have any part to play in their upbringing or nurturing. These are supplied through other sources and have always been well cared for.