Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk

Many entertainers and party bands cover all of the above with the exception of a few that like to specialise in their area. Rock is probably the most popular of genres covered by most bands. If you want a professional rock band then bands like Big Generator, Revenge, Blue Moose are by far the best. Soul egends, Funk Soul Diva’s, Blues Brothers Experience and James Brown Brothers are all options worth considering if it any of these you prefer for your event.

Traditional Irish Music

Stockton’s Wing, Celtic Tenors, Irish Dance groups. All favourites for events in Ireland and abroad. Ideal Irish evening entertainment if Johnnie Foxes is not possible. We work with large shows and popular solo artists like Finbar Furey, legent in the Irish folk scene.

Classical, Opera

Our favourite opera artist is Celine Byrne, Celine has a huge repretoire of music and has performed with artists like Jose Carreras, on our events actually. She also performs lead in shows in Bord Gais Energy Theatre like Madame Butterfly. It is an acquired taste but those that like opera love it. We can work with your needs for any opera and have experience in the biggest operas ever seen in Ireland.


Nathan Carter has been the biggest success we have seen here for a while followed closely by Derek Ryan. Garth Brooks obviously plays a big part in the popularity of country music so there is the option of Trevor and the lads from Shameless performing all the hits of Garth Brooks.