Online Interactive, Radio, TV, Print

Event advertising is the most important element of your event promotion. You need to sell tickets and guarantee your event sells out. You must promote your show to let the public know it’s happening. Even free shows need to be promoted to guarantee the organisers are not sitting alone on the night of their most amazing creation.


Most Successful Advertising.

Currently online and viral advertising is the most successful and cost effective. Artists have had number 1 hits due to the power of the internet and YouTube in particular. Create a video that people want to see and share, you can have 1 million fans overnight! This is the power of the internet. We do still need to use other forms of promotion for branding, awareness and a call to action but the success of viral marketing has now become huge for event advertising.


Call to action and old school advertising.

TV, Radio, Print advertising. These are still successful, maybe not as big as they were in the past but the call to action is still hearing your artist on the radio or a TV commercial that portrays how amazing your event will be.

No such thing as bad publicity. People have made a healthy living out of this phrase! Don’t spoil a fantastic event by not promoting it to the public and to the right audience. We can help bring you to the right people through our experience of promoting shows to a diverse range of customers. We promote events and shows so we know how.

We believe in allowing experts do their job. Event advertising is a niche. Marketing and PR companies tell you they can do it. Do they have the expertise? Do you think it’s wise to ask a marketing company that promote washing powder or a PR company that promote chocolate and soft drinks to promote your event. We don’t and we sell events!

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