Event Marketing: The most important part of any public event.

Great ideas, superb concepts, meticulous attention to detail and delivering the most amazing event in the world is useless without an audience. If there is nobody to witness your event or experience your vision then it becomes pointless. Event marketing is a huge area and a costly section of the event industry. You need to be sure you’re doing the right advertising in the right place and at the right time for your target demographic.


People want you to create a memorable experience. Everybody to witness something amazing.

Any event promoters, organiser or event planner is already half way to success if they have a unique event that people will want to see. An audience wants a memorable experience so you just need to let them know what you’re doing and sell them your concept, what you saw when you created this event vision. Unfortunately, you have a vision and not a product, so it is a little more difficult to sell. This is why you need the right team to assist you promote that vision in few words but with the right event marketing and promotion to deliver a sold out event.


Television, Radio, Press, Billboards, Social Media, PR.

These are all great event marketing mediums, pricey but great, however without a plan it could be money down the drain. Our moto is if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. If you create an event worth promoting then you need to market it to the world and let them know. We have been promoting shows for many years and we have been through all of the options including flyer drops to one million homes and billboards nationwide. Some work, some don’t and we had to learn through trial and error. Don’t be misled by eager sales people, they want to sell you advertising, meet targets and receive a bonus but you need to be clever and hit your target, sell your tickets.


Event Marketing Experts.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with all media and journalists. We have discovered that advertising and marketing for events is not like promoting a product. It is a different strategy and there are various options to cleverly create deals so everyone wins. You, the promoter and the media. Through our expertise in this area we will get the best deals to advertise, market and promote your event to your target audience resulting in a sell out event.