Event PR, often underestimated.

Our team will create ideas and develop your event into something bigger than it might be. They will tell the story that you want the public to hear about. Build press releases and deliver to every media outlet and journalist in the country.

Turn your event into a must see event.

Event PR creates the must see element. Advertising is great and extremely important to sell out any event but it is limited in words and can’t tell a story like a few paragraphs of text. Our team create the story, get it to your potential fans and generate that must see attitude. Your audience want to come to the show.

Example, we had an event with a big name artists. Very well known to the older audience and a big name but younger fans were not connecting the importance of this legendary act. Our event PR team created a fantastic press release that explained the history of the artist, the legendary story behind him and they created the “must see” attitude towards the show. All newspapers ran with the story, some made a big deal out of it and included a nice image. Then we saw an increase in sales, increase in interest and an overall better performance in our income for the show. Result!

We also had a great tribute experience performing with a soprano, choir, orchestra and a full Queen band, Queen Classical. This was in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. Sales were good but needed a boost. Advertising was great and we had covered radio, press, poster boards, social media, ezines but it just needed something extra to explain the full show to fans. They weren’t getting the full picture. We needed some event PR. Absolute Event Services created a descriptive press release which many newspapers went with and we had a fantastic result with a sell out show. Result!