Print media, newspapers, billboards, poster boards, flyers, brochures and programmes.

Our team at Absolute Event Services create event print advertising that is visually stunning. To catch the attention of your audience you need adverts that are eye catching and deliver a simple message, for example artist, venue, date of show and where to buy tickets.

Print ads are a call to action and reminder.

Google has become the place to search for everything. The message needs to be simple and your online advertising needs to be strong so when they do go to search for information online, its on the first page, within the first 5 links. If the print advertising is strong then you’ll get results but all elements of event advertising must work together. Each element of your advertising campaign enhances the other.

Uniformed advertising for consistency and high impact.

Ther are so many forms of advertising available today. It is a rare occasion that only one form will deliver a sell out event. Therefore, all ads for your event must be uniformed and identifiable instantly. The print advertising send a clear message. This same message is repeated through your online advertising campaign, radio advertising, television advertising and every other advert produced. This sends the message time and time again which results is a successful advertising campaign.