Ads for Television and Online Marketing.

This is not just an advert for shampoo, there is a completely different dynamic to creating adverts for TV. In the event and entertainment industry we usually have a lot of footage to work with. Our creative commercial team will break all footage down to the required time, usually 20-30 seconds. We take the best bits to deliver an impressive advert that delivers the message.

Television Advertising must be Short and to the Point.

Television ads need to be short. The public attention span is minimal, particularly when recording to skip the ads is so frequent. We get the message to the customer as quickly and cost effectivly as possible.  Our ads are still impressive and the key is to catch the audience’s eye.


Click on the sample below.

Music and Visual is Key.

We create a music bed, deliver this with a professional voice over that can then be transferred to video footage. This keeps adverts uniformed and pushing the important messages with a call to action every time fans view it. Our TV ads are broadcast quality therefore they can be used on any TV channel but they can also be reduced allowing you to upload on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites for maximum exposure.


Our visual team live, eat and breath music. They work extremely close with the audio department which always guarantees a perfect mix of motion, graphics and sound to create the ultimate TV ad for your artist or event.