Organising a large event? Then you need an event license.

If you’re planning on organising an event for a large number of people then you need an event license. We recommend that all events should meet these criteria, however it is only when the number attending reaches a certain level that you must have an event license to run your event.


Event licensing and application.

Our team have been through the event license process several times. We meet with the organisers and all authorities. Highlight any potential issues and flag what the full requirements are. We work through all documentation with everyone involved to ensure the event runs smooth and all departments are up to date. We produce a draft management plan of the event including appropriate maps and drawings. These are then sent to all relevant parties for inspection and after we receive input from each party we are then in a position to deliver the final plan for an event license. There are specific requirements and time restraints so it is essential that these plans are submitted without delay.


Event plans and organising events for large numbers.

We work through each element of an event, visit the site and deliver a document that features everything required by local authorities to grant an event license. The basics of these details includes the following:

  • the date proposed to hold the event and the event license you require

  • the duration of the event including start and finish times each day

  • a build schedule from the moment crew arrive on site until completion

  • the anticipated number to attend with details of tickets to be sold

  • a copy of the required public notice published in a local and national newspaper

  • an event management plan for the operation of the event which will include:

         – the names and responsibilities of the event controller, the site officer, the event safety officer and their deputies

         – a detailed site plan including full emergency procedures

         – a detailed safety strategy statement

         – a detailed method statement

         – an environment monitoring programme for before, during and after the proposed event

         – a noise monitoring plan

         – a waste management plan

         – a detailed plan of all food and concession outlets with details of all certificates and hygiene standards documentation

         – provision for the removal of structures and details of any works for the reinstatement of the land subsequent to the proposed event

         – maps and drawings (to scale) containing location, details of the site ingress, egress and all related features, toilets, bars, stage, seating, wheel chair areas etc.