Event Management Plans.

Event Management Plans are an integral part of setting up and operating any smooth running event. If you are planning a large scale event then you will need detailed event management plans for all local authorities. We believe in creating event management plans for all events. The same level of detail is required for all events, maybe not on the same scale if you have thousands attending but meticulous planning will deliver a far better event and experience for your fans or customers.


Careful planning and attention to detail.

Our event management plans include safety policies, key personnel details and responsibilities, production, build and dismantle breakdown, stewarding plans, traffic management plans, crowd control and management information, disabled spectator procedures, emergency plans and procedures, medical provisions, health and welfare plans, fire safety precautions and procedures, environmental monitoring, control room and communication facilities, temporary structure details, lighting and power specs, consistent testing and inspection brief plus contingency plans in the event of poor weather or any other event that might cause any concern.


To complete our event management plans we need to pay close attention to further develop a complete picture of the event closer to the date. We include the following; maps and drawings, site location, event location pinpointed and layout of the site that will include all on site facilities. We then include steward sheet, list of signs and their locations, list of barriers and their locations, full risk assessment after the site is completely built and finalise the emergency plan, routes and procedures.


Some of these items are left closer to the date of the event as locations may change, steward crew may not be availabe and sign locations do prove better placed while on location.


You need Event Management Plans for Event Safety and Security.

Event Management Plans are created by trained, experienced and qualified professionals who know and understand the business. They know how to produce a detailed document relevaqnt to your event. These are created for the safety and sacurity of crew adn patrons. You may find a template online but this is not the way forward.

Event Management Plans are unique to every event. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one that fits all. When you look through an event management plan you can see the level of detail involved. Do you want to put your name to the top of that plan as the creator and when something goes wrong, the book stops with you! This is why trained and qualified professionals create these and can stand by their work knowing that they met all requirements and criteria. Peace of mind that you have a safe event and nothing will go wrong is worth the extra cost. In the long run it will actually save you money and you create memorable events that you can enjoy.