Event Safety and Security are of Number 1 Importance.

Event method statements are included as part of our event management plans and details how the processes and procedures will be completed. Our safety officer creates these documents on a per event basis after a complete risk assessment of the site and the event. The event method statement will outline the hazards involved and become a guide on how these should be avoided. It will also include which control measures will be introduced to ensure the safety of everyone on site.


Comply with Health and Safety Regulations

Event method statements are requested more and more by local authorities and organisations so they can meet health and safety regulations. This also assists with enquiries towards the competency of a company and their ability to carry out the work. All events require event method statements so the authorities know that due diligence has been worked on around this event and regulations are of utmost importance to the organiser.  It helps to put everyone’s mind at rest, particularly authorities who must meet the demands of legislation.


As we are professionals, we supply method statements as part of our event management plans, we also ask all suppliers and organisations that work with us to meet these demands.

Absolute Event Services work with teams and groups of companies that have all supplied event method statements. They are professionals at what they do and therefore each supplier will constantly review and cover siting, operating and dynamic factors relating to their operations and equipment. They understand the importance of operating and supplying equipment within set guidelines to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. This is what we expect from our suppliers. This is what you expect from us and this is what we deliver to ensure safe, secure and fantastic events.


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