Event planning consultants.

Event planning consultants, this is one of our key areas and we like to be involved from concept to creation and dismantling. This means we can build the perfect event from scratch and work with you to ensure a smooth seamless event. Our event planning consultants work through the information on site and build the event on paper. We plan each and every detail with meticulous attention to hazards and the safety of patrons.

Creative events with detailed event planning deliver the best customer experience.

The creative, the health, safety and security elements of the event are all equally important. Its great to deliver creative events with fantastic entertainment and watch fans attend and enjoy. However, events are not quite as simple as booking a venue, booking an act, selling the tickets and on the day all will be fine. There are many elements and all need to be considered carefully to ensure that fans are enjoying the best experience possible. This is why we create events and this is what we love to do.


Do you need event planning consultants?

As event planning consultants and a team that has worked through numerous events over the years we bring knowledge and expertise to your event. Event planners of an event may handle any or all of the following tasks related to that event. Some think that this is a fairytale job, event planning consultants deal with a lot more than the glitz and glam!

  • We conduct research on all event elements
  • We create an event design that is suitable for the event, the site and the authorities. Many people need to be pleased with the results
  • We find a site if a suitable site hasn’t already been found
  • We arrange entertainment, production, logistics, crew, food, lighting, build, dismantle, talk to local authorities, handle promotion and advertising plus much more
  • We plan transportation to and from the event. Traffic management for vehicles and pedestrians
  • We send invitations to attendees or media or both if required
  • We arrange any necessary accommodation, flights, artist requests adn riders
  • We coordinating the activities of event personnel on site throughout the event
  • We supervising on site at all times, from arrival to departure of the last truck or van
  • We conducting evaluations of the event and meet for a debrief

In our opinion, event planning consultants are essential to the smooth running of an event. Not only do we deal with all of the above we also bring experience, knowledge and contacts throughout the industry which is invaluable to any event.