Event risk assessment

Event risk assessment is the key to creating quality event management plans and these are vital for the operation and running of high quality safe events. As event managers and event risk assessors we evaluate and identify the following each area of the proposed event. We ensure that there is a clear understanding of the risks involved and appoint a safety officer to work closely with each event.


Our team will calculate all risks based on information such as:

  • the scale of the proposed event

  • the type of event

  • the audience attending the event. Is it an older audience that will relax and sit to watch a show or will the audience be a little more energetic and lively

  • the scope of the event

  • the location of the event and the access to the event

  • the access to the actual site where the event is being held within this location

  • the duration of the event and the time of day, month the event will be held

Our event risk assessment team will work with all parties involved, venue owners or managers, promoters, staff, emergency services, local authorities, first aid, safety groups and any other agencies that may be involved. We will highlight any hazards or risks in a report with recommendations on how best to avoid these hazards. These details become part of our overall event management plan and the scope of these with clear details is extremely important so we do encourage every party to be involved, no matter how small their part may be in the overall event.


Incidents and Emergencies. Plan for the worst. Hopefully it will never happen.

Our event risk assessment plans are the items you think will never happen plus any potential incidents and emergencies. We plan for the worst because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Nobody can precdict what will happen on the day but when you work with us you know you’re ready for anything. You’d be surprised at how many times we saw what we thought would never happen!


Other items we assess during our event risk assessment are:

  • Structures on site. Is there adequate lighting, ventilation, heating or conditions that would effect patrons? Are structures permanent or temporary and do we receive certificates from engineers to certify any temporary structures?
  • Hygiene facilities, do they meet regulations, are there enough toilets, sinks, washing facilities and is there a cleaning management plan to ensure they stay usable? Will water be easily accessible for all patrons and event staff?
  • Fire safety, has the fire officer approved the site, is there gas, will there be a clear access for emergency units, is emergency lighting in place and adequate, do fire extinguishers and blankets meet regulations and will there be enough on site?
  • First aid, will there be qualified personnal on site and will there be enough of them to cater for the attendance, will there be signs indicating locations and are there any high risks that need to be notified?
  • Crowd control, will there be adequate fencing, does the site facilitate the number planned to attend, will there be adequate stewards, are they trained to deal with the public, is there a traffic management plan and what are the parking arrangements?
  • Will there be facilities for disabled people, parking, easy access etc?
  • Waste management, is there a plan and if so what is the plan to ensure there is no build up of any waste?
  • Communication and emergency response, is there enough safety signs, is there a communication system for all stewards and security to communicate, can they communicate with the patrons in the event of an emergency, is there a plan for contacting emergency response teams, will there be any on site, is there an emergency response plan and are staff and emergency units aware of the chain of communication during such events
  • Smoking, no smoking signs must be placed in visible locations throughout the site and a smoking area must be provided
  • Protocols in place, these need to be in place to assist with severely intoxicated individuals and any incident or accident that may occur

As you can see there is a huge amount to cover through our event risk assessment however it is vital to ensuure a smooth running event. Talk to us today about your next event.