Event site evaluation team from Absolute Event Services

Our team evaluate each site based on a number of criteria. Each department works together to deliver an exciting event but on a site that works, is easily accessible, safe and secure for all patrons. Our team will identify problem areas and resolve with solutions that may be obvious to us but not to you as a non event site evaluation officer.


We appraise a sites capabilities through a number of select criteria, depending on the event. Sometimes we get creative, we love the views and we go out of our way to make a site work through finding ways to resolve any issues. However, if a site doesn’t work or the promoter needs to spend to make it work then we are an honest crew and will explain the negatives with as many resolutions as we can deliver. Keeping it as cost effective as possible.


The event site evaluation criteria

Our evaluation team will consider:

  • the facilities and basic amenities

  • conditions of the ground and surrounding areas

  • condition of the parking area, if parking facilities exist. If not are there alternative options?

  • size of the proposed site and consider the requested capacity

  • flexibility of the venue and venue managers

  • cost of the venue and we can assist with negotiations if required

  • visibility for patrons of a stage and best position for items to allows best views and backdrop

  • access to power and water

  • access roads and pathways

  • access for public transport

  • noise restrictions

  • catering facilities and options available

  • rooms access for first aid, dressing rooms, corporate entertainment etc

  • access to any advertising space on or within the grounds

  • internet and phone signal strength

  • management

  • budget

Talk to us about event site evaluation for your site and maybe we can work together on your next event.