Create an event that is easy to get to.

Management is the key to the success of your audience getting to your event without any delays. If they are sitting in traffic then they aren’t spending money so a good traffic management plan can actually save you money. We have worked with all local authorities to deliver detailed traffic management plans and they have worked.


Careful traffic management will get your patrons home with a smile.

Getting into an event without delay is always great but people don’t all arrive together therefore this is usually the easier part of the day. When the event is over, everybody wants to leave at exactly the same time, this is where traffic management plans in conjunction with the garda are vital. Many times we hear people tell us it took them 2 hours to get home from an event or 2 hours later they were still in the field. This destroys the smile they had when leaving the enjoyable show. Don’t destroy the memory with poor traffic management.


How many cars are attending? How many cars will this field hold?

These are important questions that help deliver the perfect traffic management plan. Signage is vital and notices regarding the car parks with key personnel that know the site are irreplaceable. We always re-deploy all staff as patrons become disorientated and don’t know where they parked or can’t remember where they want to get to.

Lots of event signage, over compensate on lighting and helpful crew in high visibility jackets are appreciated. Pre-event signage showing patrons the information they need limits the number of people getting lost. Briefing residents on parking restrictions. Briefing staff and crew on site. Emergency services and any disabled people that may need special assistance will also need full details before arriving on site so advance notice is best for these.

Roads coned and closures clearly sign posted, with garda presence directing traffic on any public roads while our event team direct all traffic within the site.


Don’t forget you need a traffic managememt plan for vehicles but it is important to have a traffic management plan for pedestrians also.