Promote your event using customised event flags that are easy install.


Event flags are a little under utilised as far as we can see. They are an easy way to promote shows, festivals and events. Event flags are far easier to install in many locations where billboards or mobile units are not an option. We can install event flags on location in almost any site and they can be raised to a height that will make them extremely noticeable.


Customise your festival or event with event flags.


Our team will design, customise, create, install beautiful hand made flags. We will supply event flags on short-term hire or for purchase for your event. In the past it hasn’t always been easy to decorate outdoor areas with weather and due to size it was difficult to find anything that made an impact. Event flags have taken over this roll and we can ensure that flags are delivered and installed hassle free. Plus they look great.


Regular event flag and bunting stock is colourful and unique. We can customise flags and bunting to represent you, your event or indeed your company. Event flags are an effective and environmentally friendly way of creating a festive atmosphere and decorating your festival or outdoor event.