Promotion and Marketing your event with event flyers, posters, bill boards or any other print advertising.

Old school promotion for an event can occasionally deliver the best results. If you have a captive audience then there is no better promotion than handing a potential customer an event flyer that looks worth the read and presents the vital information about your event.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – the Principle of advertising.

Event flyers and posters need to communicate a message in as few words as possible. Short, easy to read, well laid out with key details highlighted with an attractive design are all hugely important. Flyer advertising must be to the point and simple so potential patrons will quickly receive your message.

Our designers have experience in creating the best promotion event flyers and posters to deliver important messages about events. In most cases this includes:

  • event name or artist

  • event venue

  • event date

  • ticket details, this is important as you want all customers to buy in advance.

Any further details can be part of the design but if not essential then they should never take from the overall look and easy to read message of the vitals. We recommend these become small print. No distractions from the main message.

Consistent event flyers, posters and advertising.

With event flyers, posters and all advertising we have created uniformed designs to constantly send the same message and create the call to action reminders. A customer may receive a flyer, decide they want to buy tickets, put the flyer in their bag or bin and forget about the event. This is where other forms of advertising are hugely important.

On route home they may see an event poster, open a newspaper and see the event advert. In our experience, it is best for all forms of advertising for an event to be uniformed and consistent. This leads to continuous reminders at a glance, a call to action in a flash without the need to read the flyer, poster or advertisement again.

Constant, well-designed and creative advertising will deliver sales. Result – increased revenue! This can’t be bad but takes time to master.

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