Branded tee shirts, hoodies, hats, lanyards plus much more.

Create a professional impression with branded event merchandise that leaves a lasting memory. Event merchandise generates extra revenue and allows you the opportunity consistently for free, not to mention adding profit to your bottom line. We work with some of the best event merchandise companies in the business. Through our alliances who have worked with festivals and artists worldwide including Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, The O2, One Direction and many more we will bring high quality products to your event.

Branding and Promotion.

By creating a trendy image with tastefully created branding on your event merchandise, you create the must have attire for your event. This generates extra revenue but also advertises your event for the future. It is essential that merchandise is trendy. The last thing you want is for this to be left in the back of the wardrobe therefore nice clothing or hip items are important to sell as part of your event merchandise.

Event Merchandise Revenue

This is an extra revenue stream for any event attended by thousands of fans. It is an opportunity to earn extra income and has been left under developed on many events in the past. We work with a team of event merchandisers that will work through your options, limit risk on printing too much and share the profits. We also have experience on what sells, what works best and what will deliver the lasting wear to gain promotion for the future.

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