Theme nights, wonderful event dressing and decoration. 

Create a unique world within your venue or festival. We can dress a venue and turn it into a Winter Wonderland, a football stadium, a barn dance with a wild-west twist or turn your festival into a dramatic scene of fun and frolics.

Our team of event managers will bring props and dressing to enhance your venue and create that evening of character and style unless of course you want a cheesey eighties night which lacks style but makes up for it in colourful fun!

Festival flags and bunting with festoon lighting can be displayed throughout larger sites to create the fun atmosphere. We can create zones for a multitude of purposes. Chill out and relax in a cocoon or under a mushroom, bath in outdoor hot tubs to steam those blues away or dance with fire and flames to your favourite house tunes while soaking up the sunshine. These are just a sample of some of our favourite zones that have worked well in the past.

The importance of event dressing.

Over the years we have worked in a diverse range of venues, some look great and need little assistance in delivering a stylish evening. Others however have not been so easy and we had to temporarily decorate the venue from top to bottom.

We draped swags of fabric from the ceiling or hung star cloth to create that starry sky look with twinkling lights. Covered all walls in a colour of choice to enhance the theme of the event, build sets into areas to develop the theme further and had hand painted scenes designed to really deliver a unique experience.

The floor can also require covering with very thin temporary carpet so the flooring doesn’t let the side down. We have developed interactive video footage on the floors and projected video footage to get customers interacting from the moment they arrive. That’s just the ceiling, walls and floor covered!

Dramatic event decor sets the scene and creates the atmosphere.

We then build stage sets, scenes and theme props around the room enhancing each area as we build. Create focal points and deliver unique messages about your brand or product to your patrons. Still not finished, the tables, chairs also need a make over and a unique chair to match an event can make a real difference. Tables to match with centre-pieces, custom cutlery and linen are all important factors.

These elements create an amazing room but we need to do this same delivery this professional look and atmosphere throughout the event. This includes the entrance and walkways, smoking areas and any area attended by patrons. In our experience, neglecting one area can let the entire event down and create a negative instead of positive for your entire event.


Our mission is meticulous attention to detail, careful planning and delivery of a spectacular event. Event dressing and bars happen to be areas that are of particular importance. We are a visual age, a picture tells a thousand words!