This doesn’t need much information really!

No power can lead to no event! We can of course become eco friendly and create a unique experience where generators are not required. Diesel is left in the tank and generators are not switched on. Music is acoustic, story-tellers by the camp fire and maybe some cycling and eco friendly activities to deliver enough power for minimum requirements on site. This can bco,e quite a fitness day or weekend.


Event electrical power requirements are important for every event. Artists require power for all backline equipment, lighting, sound etc. All the technology on site requires event power. Our electricians can wire all your event electrical power requirements on site from the stage to the concession units.

Don’t leave your customers in the dark!

This may sound obvious but we have seen in the past where a promoter forgot to light areas of their event and their sponsors were left in the dark! We recommend some festoon lighting along walkways, light towers for areas that need plenty of bright light like car parks, high traffic areas and dark zones in general. There is an art form in creating the right lighting on site to ensure a smooth event when daylight falls.