Event Toilets and Portaloos

Planning a fully facilitated, audience-friendly event may seem overwhelming at first glance. Proper event planning and execution can turn an event into a no-brainer. Well, for us! For an event to be successful in every way, event planners and organisers must put to work a thoughtful plan and approach. It is essential to take into account every aspect of the event. Many gauge event standards on the event toilets, event facilities and even if event port-a-loos are used due to budget, then how clean are they and is there a proper service. The audience comfort determines the audience experience. This is what the walk away remembering.


When it comes to delivering a flawless experience to your audience, accommodation facilities become a matter of great concern. No matter how small or big your event and the nature of your event, restroom and toilet facilities need to be planned carefully and can’t be overlooked in any way. With that in mind, Absolute Event Services cater to the accommodation needs of the visitors and provide events with fully-equipped, portable restroom solutions, portable toilets, port-a-loos, luxury toilets and of course the budget toilet. Not only do our structures ensure optimum functionality but they stand for superior quality while meeting the highest standards of public health and safety. We deliver a full service event toilet facility and ensure that your toilets are kept to a high standards for guests.


Our event toilets and port a loos

Whether you need sturdy, portable toilets and port-a-loos for the general public of your sporting event or sophisticated luxury restrooms for celebrity performers, we’ve got it covered with the extensive range of event loos and event toilets.

At Absolute Event Services, we offer every client the best solution to match their requirements. From small, intimate meetings to large-scale, heavily crowded events, we have a bespoke solution for each event to ensure reliable toilet facilities for your audience.


Some of the toilet and port-a-loos solutions on offer from us are:

  • Deluxe Restrooms: A single unit structure, the deluxe event toilets are appropriate for crowds of all sizes and serve as an ideal solution to events with a tight budget.

  • Disabled Access Toilets: Our restrooms designed and built particularly for the disabled have spacious interiors, easy entrance and exit and meet the specific requirements of visitors in wheelchairs.

  • Luxury Toilets: Highly modern and fully equipped, these structures are built specially for VIP guests that demand a certain level of sophistication.

  • Event Toilet Trailers and Cabins: With flushing toilets, running water sinks, heating and air conditioning facilities, our standard event toilets within cabins are perfect for any event.

Why Contact Us for Your Restrooms Needs?

We can provide you with exactly what you require regardless of the nature, size and scale of your event. What’s more, we have a few pointers that can help make your decision easier.

  • Our professionals are always on hand to help you. From deciding the number of toilets needed for the event to picking the most suitable style based on the size of the audience, audience profile and expectations. Our experts guide and assist you throughout the event.

  • We guarantee quality, cleanliness and comfort in all our event toilets and restroom.

  • We offer a fully managed event toilet solution so you don’t have to be involved yet have a hassle free professional service.

  • Our team will be on site to ensure cleanliness at all times.

  • Our team will ensure toilets are emptied in situations where tanks and temporary sanitary solutions are in use.

  • Our custom solution makes sure no client has to compromise on their event toilet and loo needs.

  • Our event toilets are built in compliance with health and safety standards and regulations so that the visors have a safe, hassle-free experience using our restrooms.

Don’t be embarrassed by your event toilets, ensure your customers have an experience with lasting memories of the event and not the bad facilities.