Artist Liaisons

Private events, public event, whether large or small, call for smooth management and real control over every element of event operations, from audience to staff, from production to deployment, our goal is to always deliver the best results. Artist liaisons have become an integral part of this process.

While the right approach on every aspect is our main focus for successful events, managing the care of artists and attention to artist requirements is always a vital part of event management.  An exceptional artist liaison team member has become one of the most integral and sought after roles in our event production and management crew.


Today, event organisers, particularly those specialising in arts and entertainment events, are realising the benefits of having a team of artist liaisons to support their artists and performers, in all aspects. Considering the importance of professionals in managing event artists, Absolute Event Services provides a highly focused team of artist liaisons. It’s our business to ensure our artists are happy. Dissecting the M&M colours is really not something we see very often and most artists just need some comforts to make them feel at home and ensure they have a nice trip. You know how tough it can be when travelling for a week or two, now imagine traveling for a year!


Our Artist Liaisons at Your Service

Artists and performers are an imperative part of any event. Making them feel comfortable, and at ease helps encourage them to perform at their best, which in turn leads to a happier audience. At the end of the day, we all want happy customers. The idealistic team of artist liaisons at Absolute Event Services is responsible for working closely with the client and coordinating logistics for their event artists.


Helping you better understand our artist liaisons, we have highlighted the key roles and responsibilities of the team:

  • Ensuring the event runs smoothly and artists have a hassle-free, seamless experience performing at the event, from arrival to departure.

  • Developing a positive relationship with the team of artists hired for the event and provide them with the support they need in order to perform in a comfortable environment.

  • Keep artists informed of the event schedule and take care of irregularities that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. This may seem simple but it is something that slips through the net, everybody needs to be kept up to date.

  • Liaise with promoters, agents and production suppliers to ensure artists’ comfort and to guarantee all requirements are met. Specific rider requirements have not been overlooked.

  • Facilitating their stay at the venue and event by managing local transport, air and ground transport booking and arrangements, scheduling for artist and staff travel throughout the event and ensuring hospitality, contracts and accommodation.

Why Absolute Event Services Artist Liaisons?

Adding a bespoke touch

Often venues offer dressing rooms and facilitates that do not meet artists standards or requirements. Providing a bespoke solution tailored to meet the needs of artists, our artist liaisons adapt and improve the dressing rooms while incorporating personalised furnishings, lighting and any other necessary requirements such as towels, mirrors, iron, ironing board etc.


Keeping it Professional

Having catered for a wide variety of events including music concerts, award shows, fashion extravaganzas, entertainment programs and more, our artist liaisons have gained the ability to multitask and work at a fast pace while managing artists and the backstage area proficiently.


24/7 Support

In addition to the solutions that our artist liaisons deliver, our team is always on hand to support and assist clients and artists with their queries and requests, big or small. Liaising with the entire staff and event departments, the team provides artists with information and guidance across all the aspects of the event keeping them in the loop so there are no miscommunications or misunderstandings. It may surprise you but artist requirements may change at 4am, our team are on hand with solutions.