Event Accountants

Like any other aspect of successful event production and management, good accounting and financial management is essential to the delivery of prosperous events. With several operations, food and beverage, merchandise and resources to manage on each event, the need to plan, organise, control and monitor incoming funds and outgoing expenses becomes a fundamental concern. Our event accountants specialise in the event industry work on the event funding from start to completion.

Our team will prepare spreadsheets, confirm realistic budgets and keep track of funds. Our processes have been tried and tested and have worked successfully on many large scale events. The event industry is a little complicated when it comes to accounting so we recommend using our event accountants to eliminate any irregularities, processes or complexities that may stump you.

Our event accountants deal with all funds situations and ensure you have the most up to date details. What rate should your event be at? Is there any stipulations on what can or cannot be done and how best to deal with all of this.

Absolute Event Services deploy a cohesive team of finance professionals and event accountants, veterans, that are responsible for the efficient and effective management of event funds. Making the best use of their industry-leading skills, extensive field knowledge and hands-on experience. Our event accountants put into effect a strategic approach to accomplishing financial objectives of the event.


Taking on Your Accounting Needs and Financial Goals

Every event will incur complexities and issues related to financial affairs at some phase of its operation that need to be resolved with utmost diligence and accuracy. Our team of event accountants offer robust resources that provide you with knowledgeable advice and assistance to help manage the event financial resources efficiently.


While the team deals with all aspects of finance functions, here’s an insight into core tasks our event accountants are responsible for:

  • Assisting in planning and creating a budget that can help manage event funds seamlessly.

  • Creating event spreadsheets with attention to detail so you know exactly what your breakeven is and a breakdown of your profit and loss.

  • Liaising with event management staff in order to understand the day-to-day operational requirements.

  • Provide the event production team and event management with the required information on event capitals and expenditures. Limits in particular so keeping a close eye on accounts.

  • Monitoring overall event budget for productive cost management.

  • Preparing event cash flows and maintaining accurate reports to make sure all proposed financial obligations are met.

  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable to keep track of money received and paid.

  • Comparing and analysing event expenditures and revenues for forecasting.

  • Connecting with concerned suppliers to collect all event service related invoices.

  • Preparing profit and loss statements to better understand revenues coming in and the costs of running the event so it is possible to make informed financial decisions.

  • Maintaining effective communication with all levels of event staff, inducing event control personnel, administration, production and PR Crews etc.

  • Managing and efficiently dealing with all payroll requirements.

  • Building a strategic contingency plan to be used in financial crisis.

Our Event Accountants

Make the Most of Technology

Constantly evolving event technology has presented us with a wide range of applications and software. This makes even the most intricate of tasks slightly easier or at the very least less time consuming for our event accountants. Leveraging the most advanced accounting software, billing and invoice applications, we meet all the finance and accounting needs of your event.

These applications are particularly of assistance when preparing payroll and ensuring all staff are paid the correct amounts. Due to their care and attention but also the need to operate seamlessly, our event accountants will have all of this complete before they leave the site of the event. This does account for some late nights but it is testimony to our dedication and professionalism.


Showcase Surpassed Experience and Knowledge

Having worked on many events, the team has gained a better understanding of event accounting and financial matters. We put our unparalleled expertise and industry knowledge in place to assist in making well-informed, rewarding decisions when it comes to financial management.