Event Administration

A well-planned and organised event means thorough preparation and over efficient management of day-to-day tasks, enter our event administration team. These include concept to logistical operations, bookings to delivery. This requires enthusiastic personnel that can seamlessly manage and run event administration and activities to guarantee a successful event. Event administration is not your average office management, it stretches far beyond and can become the heart of the operation.

Absolute Event Services has just the right team of administrators on hand to provide you with successful and proven event administration and assistance. We completely understand how overwhelming it can be for an event organiser to keep a tab on day-to-day operations. All event elements need to be controlled at all times and meet the demands of everyone on site including event security, the event controllerevent ticketingevent crew and many others. Managing event staff and crew can be a daunting task with a large team that need to be managed like any busy company. Our forte is setting up a large crew and managing them for a temporary event and successfully operating before we move to our next event.

As a promoter or event organiser, we take the stress out of your job, with event administration and management that will let you better concentrate on core matters. We put our professional event administration team to work for you.


Event Administration at a Glance

With a variety of staff and different event crews on site to deal with so many event elements, we have to carefully manage operations. Events have deadlines that need to be met and we expedite the completion of event tasks and ensure a smooth running event through our professional event administration team. Not only do our event administration team support the day-to-day administration and activities but enable effective communication with the operation teams to keep the event on time and on target.

  • Assisting with all aspects of the event planned including staff, event set ups, access levels, rooming lists, itinerary records meeting minutes and more.

  • Coordinating paperwork for varied event operations ensuring everything is up to date and in place. Painting schedules, timings for each department etc.

  • Liaising with other staff and departments to meet event and client’s requirements.

  • Providing event production and management staff with administrative support plus all necessary information required to ensure the success of the event.

  • Maintain administration database, filing systems and current records.

  • Assisting management in operations including staff sign in and out, payroll processing and management , creating staff rosters, staff recruitment, training and so on.

  • Assisting supervisors and managers by operating Help Desk and acting as a communication link to provide information, client contact and logistical support when required.

  • Coordinating staff merchandise including uniforms and other necessary items while maintaining regular stock takes of items, fulfilling requests and placing orders for new stock.

  • Taking on additional tasks as requested by the management and staffs to ensure all event needs are met.

Successful Administration Comes From:

Effective Communication

Since event administration includes a lot of communicating, both face-to-face, over the phone and via e-mail, our administrators possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills that help them connect and operate seamlessly.



Maintaining the highest standard of professionalisms and personal presentation, our event administrators are supportive and knowledgeable. Through years of experience gained through working on hundreds of event projects, they are a core part of successful results and delivering the biggest and most complex of events.


Excellent Support

Even with the best team, sometimes things may not work out exactly as planned. The instant support from our professionals will put your mind at rest and ensure a smooth running event, even if backstage is chaos. Years of experience means they know how to pull the event crew together and get things back on track.