Event Control Personnel

Event controller, the top of the event chain unless there are serious problems such as riots, adverse weather or worse. In these situations the authorities, with assistance from the event controller will take over. Given the huge number of tasks and operations, from planning to implementation, it can be stressful planning any kind of event, particularly on a large scale where thousands of people attend and expect a hassle free day.

Smooth operating events require experience and knowledge of the event industry along with the diligence and expertise that comes with the ability of knowing and working with every single element of an event. The event controller needs to be aware of everything that happens on site at all times. It is their role and responsibility should anything go wrong so they are a vital component to every event. This is a stressful role and not suitable to everyone.

The event controller will be involved in everything from logistics, event production, event marketing, management, communications, artist management, traffic, authorities and of course crisis management. And, this is just a quick brief of the job of the event controller. They will coordinate and oversee all event elements with professionalism at all times and keep a cool head should their be an issue to be dealt with immediately and professionally.


Whether you are planning a conference, corporate event, concert or festival, the  event controller from Absolute Event Services will take responsibility of all matters pertaining to the management and execution of your event. With highly experienced coordinators and event control professionals on our team, we ensure that everything will be delivered as planned, bringing you outstanding results and an unforgettable event.


Key Duties of our Event Control Personnel, Event Controller

Event controllers play an indispensable role in the production of an event. The management, performance, delivery and overall event success rests on the shoulders of the event controller. At Absolute Event Services, we ensure the best and most appropriate event controller is deployed with the intention of creating a flawless, successful event;


Adding to that, here’s an insight into the roles and responsibilities our control personnel take on to streamline the flow of your event;

  • Ensuring the smooth running of the event through effective leadership and management.

  • Planning and conducting pre-event and post-event meetings in consultation with health and safety, local authorities, planning, mapping, traffic, signage, communications, event security and all other advisors involved in the event.

  • Liaising and working with event managers within each area, chief safety officer, concerned authorities, professionals of event management, event on-site persons and other event staff.

  • Ensuring the efficiency of all elements contributing to the comfort and safety of audiences/attendees.

  • Foreseeing potential risks and handing over control to liable senior authorities on occurrence of a serious hazard or emergency.

  • Dealing with all eventualities, as is the nature of events, anything can happen particularly in bad weather situations.

  • Ensuring the availability and provision of required personnel for the event like stewards, ground workers, security people and more.

  • Performing site inspections to make sure all resources and assets are in place.

Why Plan Your Event with Our Event Controller / Control Team

From the very moment you invest in us, taking effective control of your event management becomes our sole aim. Our focus is not diluted with many other events, we work with select people and we are committed to provide our clients with an unforgettable event.


Experience that Makes Flawless Events Happen

Absolute event control personnel have been dealing with control and management of events for years. We have gained a wealth of experience through hundreds of events which brought us strategic thinking, precise planning and creativity. Every event benefits from our past experiences and our project developments.


Your Involvement Matters

Whatever the approach we take, our event personnel always focus on what our clients want and what their requirements are. Client involvement is encouraged throughout the event. We like to keep our client informed of what’s taking place and we ensure all their needs are met. The event controller always has his eye on safety first and will therefore advise on alternative solutions should something be impossible for various reasons.


Maintaining Communications

In order to make your event happen exactly the way you visualised it, we must completely know and understand your needs, wants and requests. Our event controller and event management personnel maintain regular communication with our clients while asking for their input to be implemented accordingly.