Event PR Crew

An event needs much more than appealing lighting and decoration, robust event structures, sophisticated accommodation, and popular artists to be successful. These are certainly the essential aspects of event management plan but not inevitably the only success drivers.

As much as an event needs strategic planning, creative production and seamless management, it is important to get the story behind your brand, the message behind your event and the highlights to come into the public domain. All the event planning, management, crew and safety in the world is pointless, if you don’t bring guests or sell tickets to customers to see your vision. This boils down to grabbing the attention of your targeted audience.


Whether it’s a small corporate conference, major product launch or much awaited entertainment event, reaching the right audiences at the right time with the right message is fundamental to the success of an event. Through our experience this is achieved through effective public relations, targeted advertising and clever event marketing.


When it comes to event branding and public relations, Absolute Event Services put to work a team that are obsessed with staging unforgettable events. From thoroughly evaluating your brand to reinforcing it with appropriate public relations vehicles, our event PR crew take charge of all your concerns and needs surrounding event marketing and public relations.


What to Expect from Our Event PR Crew?

Event PR crew at Absolute Event Services work beyond mere advertising. Our experts and professionals that come from a variety of media and marketing backgrounds. They will take a well-organized approach to event marketing and public relations that ensures the best return on your investment.


Promoting your event and enhancing brand reputation, here are some areas our skilled event PR crew deal with:

Media Relations:

  • Connecting with local media and press across different platforms including print, online and broadcast to promote event awareness, brand reputation and educate customers and potential audience members.

Crisis Management:

  • Assessing risks and establishing a thoughtful plan and policies to deal with a potential event crisis that can affect your publicity.

Marketing Communications:

  • Identifying and liaising with potential sponsors and alliance partners to seek sponsorship.

  • Managing print and electronic media aspects including content development, copywriting, website production, editing and more.

Relationship and Reputation Management:

  • Identifying key public figures, establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with them through effective strategies.

  • Liaising with other event staff like event production and management to better understand the public and the audience.

More on The PR Crew

While we deploy proven branding techniques and innovative marketing practices to create positive public relations, here are some reasons why our crew is the most appropriate PR partner for your event.


Industry-Leading Professionals

Our event PR crew aren’t just a group of some public relation people but a unified team of communication professionals, marketing strategists, branding experts and PR specialists. Their diverse experiences, coupled with the extensive expertise that each member possesses, ensures great events happen and these events are promoted properly.


Through a Proactive Approach

At Absolute Event Services, we approach your event branding and marketing in a combined and structured manner. This not only ensures that your event engages your target audiences but increases your event’s bottom line. Most important!