Event Structural Engineers

Intriguing, robust structures power up events. The more beautiful and functional your structure is, the more memorable and successful your event would likely be. This is the level of importance of structures at any event.


At Absolute Event Services, we have a dedicated team of professional event structural engineers that have a great understanding of event structures and know how to make their structures drive success for clients’ event while being safe and secure at all times. Events tend to have set of different requirements than just your basic structural engineer. Events need to be considered with people on site and how it will work in real terms, in a live environment and not just in theory.


What Our Structural Engineers Can Do For You

Each event structural engineer and designer at Absolute Event Services brings to the team a wealth of hands-on experience and industry knowledge from varied areas of structural engineering. Their extensive involvement in the field and unsurpassed expertise help them deliver a wide range of knowledge and best in class structures that suit everyone’s preference and needs. We also understand that sometimes it needs to look pretty and as a rule temporary structures do not look pretty. We have means to eliminate this and make them look delightful.


Designing and building everything from camera towers for event coverage, catwalks for models to strut in style to ramps and stages for entertainment shows. Dome shaped marquees, event seating and temporary structures for audience members. We have done it all.


A quick glance at what our structural engineers can provide and assist you with:

  • A unique event seating solution for any event. This is created by calculating and project-managing event seating needs and logistics.

  • Bespoke CCTV and communication towers that are used for not only sports broadcasts and commentary but also overall event control including radio communications, security purposes, and emergency services and announcements.

  • Portable cabins structures that are used as storage areas, small offices, meeting rooms, temporary accommodation, security check points and many other event purposes.

  • Event toilets and portaloos equipped with automatic fixtures and fittings that will reduce the need for cleaning and are built to accommodate your expected number of people. Luxury loos or basic plastic cabins, we work with your requirements and budget in mind.

  • Event camera platforms for all sorts of indoor and outdoor events that offer the highest standards in safety and stability.

  • Highly customised wheelchair ramps and platforms for enhanced accessibility of the stage and event area for disabled and aged population.

  • Box office structures for event ticketing system, which are designed and built to ensure the ease and flexibility of buying tickets.

  • Barrier systems that eliminate and reduce queuing for tickets, food, beverages, toilets etc so there is always control over the event.

  • A variety of decorative and organic tents for parties and events that create viable atmosphere spaces for both the staff, the audience and the VIP guests that may need extra comforts.

Additional Skill Sets

Event structural engineers at Absolute Event Services, have been designing and building sophisticated, customised structures at various events for over 20 years. The years of experience has assisted the team in excelling at their skills and has developed their understanding of varied aspects of structural engineering. This,in turn, helps them build one of a kind, creative event structures to produce unique events. In addition, we provide our team access to the latest technology and the most advanced tools for building event structures that drive success.


Client satisfaction is a matter of concern for our team, hence, clients’ needs, no matter how complex and specific, are catered for to provide each client with a unique, bespoke event solution. While the team work through clients’ needs to deliver customised solutions, the necessary health and safety considerations are also incorporated into the design and construction process to ensure smooth, safe and operational events with appropriate event structures that are adaptable.