Event Surveyors – Underground and Site Surveying

All events need to guarantee the safety of visiting crowds and spectators. This remains the most vital part of any event and a major concern for event organisers, producer and local authorities particularly.

As important as it is to build safe, robust structures at the event site. It is vital for event producers to guarantee that the land, on which the event is to be held, is immune to ground hazards and safe to hold the expected number of spectators and visitors.

This is where event surveyors to survey your your event site above and below the ground is essential.


Absolute Event Services deploy a skilled staff of event surveyors to evaluate the site over and underground. The event site is inspected in detail with the grounds, soil condition and site topography assessed to ensure it is absolutely safe to hold the proposed event.

Leveraging the latest technology and tools, our underground surveyors carry out a preliminary assessment to determine the suitability of the site, while ensuring the event is safe and enjoyable for everyone present at the venue.


Event Surveyors at Work

Before the event structures are built and set up across the venue. Before the staff are deployed on-site. Before the audience tickets go on-sale. Before any event operations are put in place, a dedicated team will work on the site and assess suitability. Over ground is vital but underground is also essential just to assure that everyone arrives to a safe and secure event site.

Absolute event surveyors visit your site in person and diligently inspect the entire site for ground conditions to determine if the land can withstand the crowds as well as event structures and decide where on the ground those structures can be positioned to create a safe and sound environment.


The duties event underground surveyors at Absolute Event Services are assigned, can be broken down into:

  • Assessing the site and grounds to determine whether it is safe to run an event on those grounds.

  • Determining ground conditions and detecting potential issues that may crop up due to the unfavorable conditions, if any, of the land.

  • Liaising with the event organizer to discuss varied matters of the event including the proposed audience size, event activities, the number, size and weight loading of temporary structures to be installed.

  • Underground hazard inspection to ensure no gas pipes or water escapes necessarily.

  • Assistance with general health and safety, layout and security of the event site.

Why Are Our Underground Surveyors Your Apt Safety Partner

Efficiency Guaranteed

Ground surveys are best carried out by experienced technicians. We pride ourselves on having the best team of event surveyors on board to assess the event site and ground conditions for potential risks and hazards. Get off to the right start and understand what obstacles may come in your way.


Leveraging the Latest in Technology

Our event underground surveyors are well-trained to operate state-of-the-art equipment to survey event grounds. What’s more, the latest technology and proven methodologies are utilised to inspect the site and ground in order to reduce survey costs, maintain efficiency and expedite the completion of survey operation.