CCTV and Communication Towers – We’re always watching!

CCTV on all events, particularly on a large scale is imperative for proper safety and security measures. Any event, big or small, must not only be enjoyable for the audience but events must be safe and secure so the attendees have an entertaining and pleasurable event experience. Our events ensure the highest level of safety and control through a proactive security approach. All of our on site team are trained with this in mind. Events require an operational risk management strategy to foresee the potential risks and threats and implement effective security solutions. The use of CCTV technology plays a big part in this element of our events and event security.


Making the best use of advances in CCTV surveillance and communication technology, Absolute Event Services provide events with state-of-the-art CCTV solutions that promote seamless event monitoring and surveillance. Our adept structural engineers design and build robust CCTV and communication towers so our events run smooth and seamless.

Providing Events with Security and Surveillance Management

Unlike small conferences, gatherings and meetings that take place in purpose-built venues, many major events are held in temporary, open environments and thus require reliable security solutions. Absolute Event Services equip such events with physically strong and sturdy CCTV and communication towers and event structures so organisers have complete control over all eventualities and activities on site.


Take a look at the wide range of structures we offer for effective event control and surveillance management.

  • CCTV and communication towers for seamless event monitoring and event security.

  • Scaffolding platforms for broadcasting and telecommunication purposes.

  • Radio masts and towers to support telecommunications and broadcasting antennas.

  • Camera towers for enhanced security as well as event coverage.

  • Communication towers and scaffolding for better emergency and risk management.

  • Bespoke media towers and platforms to suit the specific broadcasting and monitoring needs of events.

Benefits of Deploying Absolute CCTV and Communication Towers

Acclaimed artists and performers, state-of-the-start production, intriguing décor, days of set up and all other efforts can come undone if all activities are not monitored meticulously. Regardless of the size and nature of an event, it is of paramount importance for event organisers to keep track of what’s happening at the venue to ensure the successful running of the event. We at Absolute Event Services provide our clients with solid, reliable event services including CCTV and communication towers as well as media towers and structures so we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the audience.


Added to this, here are a few benefits you, our clients, can enjoy when working with us for your event security and surveillance needs.

  • Easy and quick deployment and installation of structures at the required site or particular areas.

  • Enhanced access control and crowd management with advanced surveillance towers deployed at the access points and crowded locations.

  • Efficiently managed potential risks and disasters.

  • Enhanced audience security and experience resulting from the deployment of CCTV and communication towers with event structures and raised platforms deployed exactly where required to deliver optimum performance.