Event Box Office, an essential element for event organisers.

Ticketing is a fundamental means of crowd control and event management. Regardless of how big or small the event is, managing traffic and crowds remains vital to the successful production and running of any event. To maintain control of the crowds and provide hassle free access to the event, event organisers need to install an efficient ticketing system at the venue or event. This needs to be a smooth ticketing operation from one central event box office that is well sign posted.


Allowing event organisers to manage their audiences in a systematic manner, Absolute Event Services offers state-of-the-art box office solutions and structures that are simple, powerful and flexible. Whether you’re organising an intimate seminar expecting a small crowd of professionals or planning a huge festival or music concert that will attract thousands of spectators, we have ticketing systems to suit a wide range of event ticketing needs.


A Closer Look at Our Ticketing Solutions

A major festival or a small celebration, whatever the event, attention must be given to the installation of robust ticketing systems at the venue for effective distribution of tickets, passes, registration, guest list and better handling of crowds. Minimum queues and easy access to the event box office are essential.


Structural engineers at Absolute Event Services design and build bespoke event structures that enable flexible event access control, ticket scanning and audience segregation while ensuring the smooth operation of your event.


We build and offer:

  • Modern box offices with multiple windows to help speed up the ticketing process for events attracting large crowds.

  • Standard ticket booths that are portable and secure and can also be used as a guard cabin/house.

  • The facilities to split event cabins or supply an event box office with multiple rooms.

  • Fully equipped ticket kiosk / communication room for seamless collection and distribution of tickets.

If your needs don’t fit any of the above mentioned offerings, our engineers can customise the desired event box office to suit your specifications and interests.

Key Features

  • All our event box offices, event cabins and event kiosks are space efficient so we can organise ticket buyers, collections and VIP’s into queues effectively to save time. Eliminate queues.

  • Highest standards of safety and security are adopted to ensure the protection of the audience as well as the event staff. All event cabins are equipped with a steel roof and tough doors lockable from inside and outside, in order to prevent theft and break-ins.

  • Our structural engineers ensure that your event box office and ticket cabins are portable and easy-to-install so they can be set up at the required location as hassle-free as possible.

  • To facilitate ticket sales, event box offices and cabins are equipped with sophisticated features including split windows with minimal access for security purposes, interior and exterior lighting, heater, shelves, counter desk, electrical sockets, chairs and more.