Event Cabins

Event cabins, portacabins and general working structures are an integral part of large-scale events in particular. A ticketing office, artist dressing rooms, a broadcasting room for interviews or commentary, event cabins for security or police, portacabins for emergency services, fire departments, health services, promoters office for event administration plus many other uses. On a temporary site event cabins need to be placed and purpose built to ensure a smooth comfortable working environment.

It is a fundamental area to safeguard a successful and smooth running event,. Managing audiences, spectators or crowds of an event can be one overwhelming task for organizers and producers to deal with. Regardless of the size of the potential audience and scale of the event, there are operations and processes that require a spacious working environment to be carried out.

Absolute Event Services brings you a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions to suit a variety of purposes and operations. From broadcast studios and artist accommodation spaces to security control boxes, we design and build both temporary and permanent event cabins for the effective function of your events.

Infrastructure Solutions We Can Help You With

We have long been addressing event structure requirements and challenges of events of various kinds. We believe that each event has its own specifications and needs that must be addressed to make the event unique in itself. By offering a vast array of modular, portable cabins and structures, we just make sure every event, irrespective of its kind and size, gets an equal opportunity to stand out.

In addition, here’s the complete range of event structure solutions we offer at Absolute Event Services:

  • Modular glass window event cabins with a 180 or 360 degree view for sports commentary and broadcasts.

  • Cabinet structures for surveillance purposes and provide security personnel with the clear and interrupted view of the venue and happenings.

  • Multi-window booths for fast and efficient ticketing and booking processes.

  • Fully-equipped and safe accommodation units to offer audiences or staff a comfortable stay.

  • Custom-made event cabins and studio spaces designed and built to your design specifications and event requirements.

  • Custom designed dressing rooms to meet your artist’s demands while on-site.

Why Choose Our Event Cabins

It’s not just the comprehensive assortment of event cabins and structures that make us successfully meet the infrastructure needs of events. Our structural solutions are accompanied by a number of positive advantages that leaves no doubt, we are your go-to service provider.

Here we illuminate some pointers that explain why you should be opting for our event cabins and structures.

  • All our event cabins and structures are designed and constructed by professional structural engineers, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency.

  • Should there be any issues with the design or construction of your structures, our engineers and event staff are available with instant support and assistance to get you through seamlessly.

  • Scaffolding towers and access solutions are provided to makes sure our event cabins are completely accessible and functional.

  • Client involvement is encouraged to help provide the best solution possible for your given needs and interests.

  • Our solutions comply with the latest standards of health and safety to ensure a hassle-free experience to the audience and event staff.

  • We have years of experience building these structures and working with a variety of clients and event types.