Event Camera Platforms – Get the best angles and shots.

They say the success of any event depends on the performance of the people participating in the event, but what about the presentation? Yes, while artists and performers participating in an event are a major part of the events success, proper presentation and exceptional coverage has a great role to play in making an event worthwhile. In addition, good event coverage comes from robust technical equipment and structures including event camera platforms and locations.


Considering the importance of having efficient structures for media coverage, Absolute Event Services offers event camera platforms to create a strong base for high definition cameras to cover your event. Depending on the kind of camera mounting devices being used, we build camera platforms and the scaffolding needed for your event.


The Engineers behind Strong Camera Platforms

There are conferences that use a stable stage, in house and permanent fixtures but there are entertainment events and dance performances that need to be shot from different angles for better media coverage. Whatever your event requests are, our structural engineers have got you covered.


At Absolute Event Services, we have a professional squad of structural engineers who have been responsible for building powerful structures that delivered a number of successful events. And yours is the next. The team behind our camera platforms have delivered for sporting events including soccer games, horse racing and GAA. They put together camera platforms and event structures for concerts, festivals and New Years Eve celebrations. In fact, they have covered almost every high profile event that has taken place in this country.


Our skillful engineers are capable of designing and building both static and moving platforms. All of the camera platforms and structures are equally strong and stable and provide a solid base for the cameraman to focus on all event attractions. This means you get the best coverage from a safe and secure platform without infringing on audience sightlines.


Why Choose Our Camera Platforms

The more stable and efficient your camera platforms are, the more comprehensive your media coverage is. A cameraman needs to feel safe and secure too! When it comes to covering an event, state-of-the-art cameras are hugely beneficial but they can’t do it alone. You need quality operators on stable camera platforms that meet all standards and requirements. Cameramen will also not place highly advanced equipment on camera platforms or structures that don’t feel or look safe and secure. If they require a roof from the prevailing wind and rain we can supply that too.

Even the most advanced of cameras with shake stabilisation would need a firm base camera platform to cover the entire event properly. We provide you with camera platforms that help capture the best views of your event.


In addition, here’s some more information that will help ease your decision on woking with Absolute Event Services.

Building Structures Out of Experience

Through years of experience and working on large scale events, we have mastered our skills in the design and construction of event structures. This helps us build scaffolding platforms that offer your event broadcast team outstanding strength and maximum stability to cover every eventuality at an event.


Ensuring Safety and Security

When you rely on us for your camera platform needs, you are assured that the highest standards of health and safety are met. Our engineers put forth the best efforts to guarantee the camera platforms and all structures are safe and secure so you can install cameras and equipment at the required location.