Event seating for professional events. 

So, you’ve decided on a venue. Have you considered the event seating or seating layout so ensure your guests have the best view.


Providing a clear, uncompromised view of the event to its spectators is paramount to any event. Creating a seamless viewing experience and a well though out event seating arrangement is vital. Whether it’s a concert, corporate event, festival, sporting event, exhibition, display talk or international conference, the event seating plan and layout will have a great impact on the audience viewing experience and thus the success of the event.


A well laid out and carefully planned seating arrangement is important for holding any event. You want each of the spectators to feel relaxed and comfortable and have clear lines of sight. Absolute Event Services offers sophisticated seating solutions to provide your audience with a smooth experience viewing the event. Regardless of the nature and size of an event, our event seating structures are designed and built to capture the audience, hold their attention on the focal point and ensure the safety of everyone throughout the event. Our crew meet all standards and guarantee seating that meets all demands and criteria or health and safety.


Choose from A wide Range of Seating Solutions    

Absolute Event Services offers each client a bespoke event seating solution in order to further provide the event’s audience with the highest level of comfort, combined with the perfect view of the action. Whether you need temporary seating for a fashion show or need to seat thousands of people at your venue or concert, we have just the right people and equipment to make it happen.

Below is some of the options on our broad spectrum of event seating solutions:

  • Temporary, demountable tiered seating for both indoor and outdoor events including theatre, sporting events, ceremonies, concerts, presentations and more.

  • Luxury upholstered seats designed for flat and tiered configurations with sophisticated legroom and arm rest.

  • Modular flat tip up systems for indoor and outdoor events that need a rigid seating solution.

  • Stylish, versatile seats for theatre productions and fashion shows.

  • Clear view seating system with demountable seats to provide the best view from every angle and seat.

Key Features

Whatever the size and scale of your event, we offer seating solutions that are tailored to fit your needs and ensure that every guest has a good time attending the event.


Unsurpassed Experienced

From fashion shows, music concerts and sporting events to theatres, promotions and product launches, our professional engineers have designed and built seating structures for a huge variety of events. Making the best use of hands-on experience and knowledge, we deliver superior quality seating solutions to our clients.



While our engineers work on your project, we make sure you, our client, get all the time and attention required to communicate your preferences and specifications in order for them to be implemented into your event seating plan and layout. Through this, we present you with a completely customised structure to ensure the success of your event.


Leveraging the Latest in Technology

Aside from design specifications, the team at Absolute Event Services leave no stone unturned to meet the highest standards of health and safety. We meet all regulations and standards from seating aisle dimensions to walkways and stairwells that can cater for your audience.


We make it not only comfortable and enjoyable experience but safe and secure for technicians to install and your audiences to use our seating structures. From concept to creation we are at hand to deliver the bet.