Event Staging, the performance needs to be seen.

When producing an event, every single detail with respect to the event staging is of vital importance. Whether a small fashion show, a large-scale music concert, a conference or dance performance, event staging remains an inevitable factor that has a significant role to contribute towards the success of the event. Don’t forget that the first thing the guests will see is the focus point and the focus point is almost always on stage. This is the focus for the event therefore your event staging needs to look impressive but must also be safe and secure meeting all health and safety regulations.


A well-built stage can not only set the mood for your event but also eliminate the possibility of unpredictable accidents. Absolute Event Services design and build robust staging structures to make every event a success. Careful planning and extensive expertise go into developing each event staging platform to make it adaptable and fit individual requirements.


If you wish to transform your next event with robust staging structures, Absolute Event Services are the team you should have working on your event production.


Choose from a Variety of Event Staging Solutions

Regardless of the size and nature of the event, we work with all types of event staging projects. We have the manpower, the right equipment and the expertise that makes us the best partner and we offer a comprehensive range of event staging solutions.

Some of the events we provide staging for:

  • Sporting events

  • Music concerts

  • Festivals

  • Fashion shows

  • TV productions

  • Private parties

  • Speeches and conferences

  • Dance shows

  • Opening ceremonies

  • Wedding receptions

In addition, we custom build event stages and structures to meet your requirements, tiered event staging for concert orchestras, round event stages, moving stages and stages with lifts built inside to produce an on stage spectacle.

Some of the stages we supply include:


  • Platform stage, the basic flat platform that the performers stand on.

  • Dome roof, a dome shaped roof to cover your stag.

  • A-roof, A shape roof to cover the stage.

  • Saddle-span, a unique stage roof in the shape of a saddle.

Add ons include cow sheds for stage left and right to cover guitar techs, monitor mix, quick change etc, cantilever, PA wings and towers, ego ramps, screen wing hangs, front of house mix position covered platforms on split level, follow spot towers, wheelchair platforms plus any other event structure requirements.

Let our engineers know your event-specific staging needs and interests and we will custom build your event structure.


You Can Count on Absolute Event Services

When it comes to building strong and reliable staging for events, our team are the most professional in the industry. Our event staging solutions don’t just focus on providing superior quality stages for a variety of events but we go that extra mile to ensure the highest standards of health and safety for both performers and audience.


Years of experience in event staging has only made us smarter.

We have been in the business of designing and building sturdy event stages and platforms for years. Working on variety of event staging structures, we refined our expertise and knowledge to start a trend of delivering outstanding results.


Clients first!

Yes. At Absolute Event Services, what matters most to our structural engineers and entire staff including event producers, event management, control personnel and liaisons, is our customers. While we deal with your event staging needs, our primary focus is customer satisfaction.


Last minute needs? We got you covered. 

Our bespoke solution guarantees all requirements of our client are addressed, no matter how small or spontaneous it is. The engineers work closely with clients to meet their specific requirements and implement them into the staging structures. This ensures they are installed at the required location perfectly.