Event Tents and Marquees

Creating event tents and structures are the firm foundation of your event. We believe successful events are built from the ground up. Robust structures that are aesthetically pleasing assist in developing a concrete base for your event. In the past we have heard of events where structures have collapsed, blown away, had major leak issues or just been poorly delivered. It is important that one of the most important items is on site on time and doesn’t delay all other elements of the event. When planning your event from start to finish, schedules are important and it is vital that items like the event tents and marquees are on site and on time ready for event dressing and event production.

We at Absolute Event Services bring you a comprehensive spectrum of event tents and structures that stand for superior quality and deliver consistently outstanding results. What’s more, our event structure tents solutions are backed by exceptionally high standards of production and delivey.


Bespoke Temporary Structures That Leave a Permanent Impression

Can’t find what you are looking for in our wide range of event tents or structures? No worries! We will build you a custom structure, commissioned specifically to suit your exact event requirements. This is how we work at Absolute Event Services.


A variety of clients means a variety of rather specific demands concerning their event, meeting, concert or function structures. From event staging, scaffolding towers, grandstand event seating, marquees to event toilet blocks, wheel-chair platforms, Christmas market stalls or even event tents, we entertain just about every requirement and ensure that you are provided with an event tent and structure solution that not only matches your event in terms of requirements and look but surpasses industry quality and safety standards.


A Team that Understands Your Business

We have an event building team that is passionate about building sophisticated events and solid structures. Having worked in the event management, planning and development industry for years, our professionals are capable of directing the infrastructure, people and all other aspects to complete a flawless event.

Your objective is to define your event goals and expectations. Our team will take care of the rest.


Companies and individuals are often confused and overwhelmed when it comes to planning an event or meeting and don’t know where to start. Our event management specialists tap into your demands competently and with their years of experience, industry knowledge and expertise, we provide you with the best, from event tents and structures to the last sweep of the grounds.