Event Wheelchair Platforms and Raised Areas

Absolute Event Services build robust event access structures and viewing platforms for VIP’s, wheelchair access and a variety of other reasons. We believe that it is of extreme importance to provide the audience with a view of the event with uncompromised sightlines. With this in mind, we build safe, sturdy platforms specifically for disabled spectators to have easy access and seamless viewing of the event.


Easier Access, Uninterrupted View

While it’s inevitable to ensure a smooth, consistent viewing experience for all spectators regardless of the environment, many venues, particularly temporary outdoor locations, do not offer access and viewing solutions for the disabled audience. At Absolute Event Services, we acknowledge the specific needs of varied clients with regard to disabled access and viewing. Our event access and viewing solutions are designed to improve accessibility and the experience of watching concerts, performances and any cultural event for the physically challenged viewers.


We offer a wide range of access and viewing structure solutions, which include:

  • Wheelchair platforms for wheelchair users and people with any form of physical disability that can deny their access to the event.

  • Portable ramps and staircases to enable the disabled to access the stage for special ceremonies as well as other event areas like toilet and seating.

  • Temporary scaffold platforms and seating structures for physically challenged viewers to have a suitable watching experience.

Why Choose Our Access Platform Solutions

Safety above All

Audience health and safety matters most, therefore, we make every effort to ensure the construction of event structures and stands stands are of superior quality. We leverage the most reliable surface options including anti-slip surfaces and carpeting to meet the highest standards of audience safety and security.


Bespoke Solutions

Should there be requirements specific to the design and building of the structures for your event, our engineers are more than happy to implement them to provide you with a personalized solution. For clients seeking a structure outside our range, we have custom designed solutions team that meet the specific needs and solutions for all events.



While we ensure our structures are safe and reliable for the intended audience to use, we make it easier for the event organisers to implement installation and placement of the structures. All our structures come with versatile configuration options so that they can be effortlessly transported and set up at the desired location.