Event Wi-Fi, Get Your Event Connected 

It is essential to maintain a high quality communication network throughout an event. Event organisers and producers seek reliable Internet and event Wi-Fi access for their events. Whether you’re conducting a conference, training program, music concert, large or small or maybe a media event, availability of constant secure event Wi-Fi and Internet networks support the management, administrators, liaisons, event production team and other staff to stay in touch and perform their respective tasks seamlessly. It is also crucial for the health and safety of an event.


At Absolute Event Services, we fully acknowledge the need for event Wi-Fi and to stay connected and functional throughout the event. Consequently, we offer fast, reliable temporary event Wi-Fi and Internet access as part of our event technology service. This ensure our events run efficiently without any communication barriers.


Robust Wi-Fi Solutions for Enhanced Event Communications.

Technology is advancing at a fast pace as are events and the technology used at events. The introduction of high-tech event Wi-Fi and on site Internet networks and services has made event communication easier than ever. Wi-Fi technology is the most advanced event technology available and the speeds are increasing weekly to ensure seamless wireless network connectivity. Not only can managers and producers communicate their messages, information and issues effectively with their event staff, but Wi-Fi connectivity at the venue also ensures a splendid experience for your audience.


To enhance the audience experience we can offer a variety of customised apps for iPhone or Android users. Apps have become the new way of communicating important information, enhancing offers for sponsorship and giving your audience useful for information to use while on site. The future of apps means tickets, funds and all sorts of new elements will be introduced in time and events will become a cashless experience.


Unfortunately, not all venues provide events with network connectivity or event Wi-Fi that is reliable. Over the years we have had to overcome some particularly difficult sites but did so successfully. Absolute Event Services supplies your event with fast and uninterrupted Wi-Fi and Internet access for effective event management, event control and your guests.


Here’s brief insight into what our event Wi-Fi service includes:

  • Initial consultation with our technology experts to demonstrate the requirements for Internet connectivity at your event.

  • On-site network design to meet your specific needs and deliver a continuous network from start to finish.

  • Hassle-free, precise deployment of event Wi-Fi networks and systems at the venue to reduce your effort and save time.

  • Management of installation of event Wi-Fi networks to ensure smooth the running of the event.

  • On-site expert service and support to assist and address any issues related to IT, event Wi-Fi and networking operations.

Reasons to Rely on Our Event Wi-Fi Solutions

Qualified Networking Engineers

Our dedicated team of networking professionals will be on-site to provide your event with seamless event Wi-Fi. All our engineers are well trained in performing site surveys and creating an ideal network plan leveraging their enterprise-level expertise and years of experience.


Utilising the Best Resources

To successfully deploy a event Wi-Fi network at the given venue, our network engineers are provided with significant IT tools and the best event Wi-Fi equipment which they have been trained to operate competently.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our event Wi-Fi solutions are accompanied by round the clock technical support to address issues along the way. In addition, our engineers monitor and manage your networks in real-time so that you can focus on core operations without worrying about the Internet connectivity or event Wi-Fi at your event.